Re: NANFA-- off-topic: CANDIRU!

Pete Liptrot (
Wed, 6 Mar 2002 20:08:12 -0000

> When tetras were often shipped direct from their
> home waters we sometimes found candiru mixed in . They
> were small and clear so sometimes went un-noticed. I
> think they most often came in with cardinal tetras.

I have some of these in a small aquarium next to my elbow here. These are a
Tridensimilis species from Peru. In a community of small fish they are
inoffensive, but I am reliably informed that members of this genus are
facultative parasites on larger fish.

> The mystery is why some tribes in
> candiru areas fear them and others laugh at the very
> idea

This topic and the 'do they, don't they?' question took up quite a thread
recently on the Catfish list (also on
There is a wide range of trophic adaptations in the Trichomycteridae, and
there are certainly some that are obligate parasites (and so difficult to
maintain in aquaria from both an operational and ethical standpoint).
If anyone wants more information on Catfish as a whole (including some pics
of Trichomycterids) take a look at;

Pete Liptrot.
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