Re: NANFA-- New to the group

Jason Pawloski (
Wed, 6 Mar 2002 22:16:35 -0800

Hello all,
Thanks for the warm welcome. I live in Traverse City, michigan for
those who are interested. I hope to get subscribed to the news letter and
join up. I know that the species listed as game fish in florida the peacock
bass and others are to be released as soon as possible. I know also that
walking catfish are illegal. I was informed of this while fishing in Big
Cypress from a nice fish and wildlife officer who was walking along checking
on people. I only saw one and it was very ill, nearly dead. The oscars and
red terrors made short work of him.
Back to the native species though. I have never tried to breed any
natives other than sun fish because until I moved in with my girlfriend I
wasn't able to keep the tanks cool enough for them to do well.. Now I have
the run of a cool basement, average temperature being about of about 60
degrees. I have been thinking about going down to detroit I saw a really
nice lake north of detroit that seemed to have a nice population of green
and longeared sunfish. I think at least. I was a bit far away and busy
photographing butlers gartersnakes, northern water snakes, eastern garters
and assorted turtles. I have been thinking about moving my 100 gallon
downstairs and setting a few up and seeing what happens.
Does or has anyone on the list here ever built their own tanks? I have
been thinking about building a couple of indoor tanks, basically overly
large water proof boxes. I need to come up with something for feeder
guppies and something for my channel cat when he gets larger.
I tend to ramble a lot if it hasn't been noticed, what can i say I am
obsessed with fish of all kinds and i am always thinking about new ways to
take care of them or make more room for them to thrive in.
I gotta get back to feeding everybody, its snake feeding night again.
Take care everyone i'll try to respond again soon.

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