Re: NANFA-- Beware the green sunfish/ daily humor

R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 11:26:16 -0600

> Hi, Brian. Be really careful with the green sunfish. Their mouths are
> stretchable than you would think by looking at them.

Not to mention they have super powers, and are probably bionic. One could
kill a school of hungry pirhahna, a small group can kill a great white
shark- even in salt water, they have been known to drag small dogs off shore
and consume them, they have made bridges collapse by digging under the
pilings ( just to reak havoc or take revenge on fisherman), they have
raided chicken coupes on dewey nights and stole all the chicks to eat,
actaully getting the short end of a stick in a battle with a garfish the
shredded pieces regenerated into a school of greens and tore the gar apart
in a two hour time span.

Seriously though, do not underestimate the green sunfish. Because of their
adaptability and quick thinking is one reason I like this real common fish.
That and when I was in elementry school, it was one fish that would never
die in my tanks. I would catch them in my hands when the waters flooded.
They would cross the roads where the water was very shallow, ending up on
their sides near the center, but bound to cross anyways. The only way I
ever lost a green is they are very good at finding the smallest opening in a
lid and leaping out. I watched this strange method. I think its when water
is foul, or too small. They feel trapped. They will hover just under the
surface, much like when oxygen is low. But the difference is they are not
breathing heavily and colored normal. They slowly skim around and when the
right area presents itself, boing, right out on the floor. They will do
this is pails after you catch them often.

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