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<< Who said (or where is it
stated) that establishing reproductive populations is the only problem
associated with the release of captive or exotic fish releases?
I never said or implied that Jay. I just said that often the facts are a
little but trumped up for maybe press appeal? here again is the link.
<A HREF="">
Nonindigenous fishes - Channa micropeltes</A> I was alluding to the entry
for neon Tetra, it was said that there was concern the fish might spread
downstream from the warm spring site it was found in, one individual.
Obviously there is more to it than reproductive populations we all know that.
But really Neons reproducing in Wyoming or any where else in the USA? The
real problem is mostly disease, very few tropicals can reproduce in North
American waters to a great extent due to the water chemistry as well as
temps. We are lucky this is true or we really would be overwhelmed. Just as
the fish populations west of the Rockies have been overwhelmed by the fish
from east of the Rockies. Even in instances of populations being established
they are usually very small and local but still as I say they should not be
there nor should the disease and parasites they potentially carry. and again
the worst offenders are usually the fish and game people, look at all the
tropicals released by fish and game. Peacock cichlids? Who thought of that
one? And that is just the tip of the ice berg when you consider all the North
American fish intentional released outside their natural habitat by the
state. And lets not even get into Carp!


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