NANFA-- Re: nanfa V1 #1219

Arlus Farnsworth (
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 06:12:31 -0800

>The bill authorizes a total of $90 million for the programs for FY '03 and
>"such sums as may be necessary" for FY '04 through FY '08.
Heck, they don't have to pay me anything at all to fish the largemouth
bass out of the reservoir where they compete with native steelhead and
sacramento perch for ever increasingly fluctuating water levels. I'll
even through the trout and sac perch back. I'll go further than that and
net out the gambusia and trap the greenies. Well, they would have to
part with some grant money for that job.

>In some cases, public concern goes beyond aesthetic objections. In
>California, residents and organic farmers strongly opposed insecticide
>spraying to control the Mediterranean fruit
>fly, an invasive species that was decimating the state's fruit crops.
Got a couple concerns about this one, I don't relish the prospect of
being crop dusted and I know "they" / "we" spray for mosquitos in urban
areas without any public notification. Maybe they have heard of Bt by
now, but does it affect any other species of native insect or possibly
displace other native bacterial organisms? Which brings me to point out
that fruit flys are affecting commercial harvests that are also exotic
and displacing natural habitat. What proof is there that fruit flys are
affecting native organisms? So far as I can tell, it is only the money
they are chasing with this one, so be watch out for where the money is
going to be spent. If there is a stable parasite that only affects fruit
flys strictly speaking then I would not be adverse to the use in
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