Re: NANFA-- Mexican Yard Fish

Edward Venn (
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 06:53:33 +0000


Have you talked to any of the wild livebearer people at the ALA? Some of
them keep a nice collection of unusual fish from the Yucatan and Central
America. They may have some useful input.

>Hi, all. For my summer project I'd like to learn more about the fishes of
>Mexico. NANFA is officially concerned with the fishes of Canada, the U.S.,
>and Mexico, but few NANFA members are knowledgeable about Mexican fish.
>Each summer, I put fish in my back yard tubs, because they grow faster than
>do fish kept inside.
>Does anybody know of any suitable candidate fishes from Mexico? My main
>objective is to learn something new about a fish that I'm unfamiliar with.
>Cichlids are interesting, because they practice parental care.
>I've thought about the Texican cichlid, but since they're so prolific and
>common, I probably couldn't find homes for any offspring come Fall.
>Anybody have any suggestions, either cichild or non-cichlid?

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