Re: NANFA-- Mexican Yard Fish

Edward Venn (
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 10:08:25 +0000

Bob & Leo,

There7s something that bothers me about this discussion. I've been to Mexico
several times in my mispent youth and remember the locales vividly. But, I
cannot remember for the life of me what a Mexican Yard Fish looks like. I
remember the ubiquitious Mexican Yard Bird, a bird so mean, nasty and evil
tempered that it would chase cars and CATCH them. These birds had the
temperment of a rabid prizefighter on steroids and coke. All the Mexicans I
knew would bait a trap with a pit bull and wait for one of these mean
spirited birds to walk up and proceed to eat the poor dog alive before
springing the trap. They then dragged the mangled carcass of the poor dog
away and proceeded to bludgeon the bird to death.

My point, I've seen Thai yard fish (nasty homicidal things) and Japanese
yard fish (big and wimpy) but, what do Mexican yard fish look like? Are they
dangerous? Do you need armed guards to protect yourself when feeding them?


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