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<< What other public aquariums have you been to? Obviously not many. There
are many public aquariums that have specactular displays which will rival
any hobbyist's tank. >>

You are right Nick, My experience is limited but you would think that out of
the six or so I had been to one would have a live coral display that didn't
look like somebody's sump. If the money, time, effort or experience isn't
available to keep coral then maybe the display should be kept in the back
until someone gets the hang of it instead of presenting dying pieces of
corruption as live coral. I stand by what I said about the Ph.D. I have
encountered many people who thought they were experts just because they had a
title. It doesn't work that way, neither does having an aquarium make you an
expert. I think my 40 years of constant learning and experience gives me the
right to critique. I have had to cut back my own aquarium spending to almost
nothing in the last few years but instead of trying to do things I cannot
with the money I have available I try to do what little I can well. maybe the
people who cannot keep coral due to budget constraints should do like wise.
Nearly all public aquariums I have seen do large predators well but the
farther you get from them the worse it gets. I am sorry I insulted you Nick,
if your aquariums are all perfect I applaud you but think for a moment. Would
you display sick and dying animals just to be able to say you have them? Do
you allow sick individuals to populate your displays? I have no doubt that
many public aquariums do have perfect displays. But sadly I have found that
many do not. In several instances I have asked aquarium employees (away from
anyone so as not to create a scene) about certain sick or dying and fish
invariably I was treated with disdain and told that I didn't know Jack. even
though I tried to be as nice about it as I could. As I said many of the
obvious mistakes could be avoided just by reading a few modern books on the
subject and applying the information contained within.

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