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<< I've not seen a list of standard collecting gear for native-fish
aficionados -- a topic of personal interest as my wife is asking me for a
list of possible presents. I've seen mention of seines and nets -- any
specifics? What about waders and other personal gear? >>

- minnow traps from Walmart, (~$10 each). I am still looking for something
better but this is clearly the best I have found so far.

- marine quality nylon twine for tying off minnow traps; get black for hiding
location of trap from 2-legged predators. (< $5 at Walmart)

- Yellow tape to put around object very close to where hidden minnow trap is
unless your memory is much better than mine! (free if you go to recent
accident scene where police leave it; otherwise, hardware store).

- floating minnow bucket (AKA trolling minnow bucket). New models have
weaker handles; remove existing handle and run yellow nylon rope through the
holes and then run about 10' of rope to what ever you need to tie it to your
belt or around you waist. Tow it behind you when collecting and then dump in
bigger bucket when back to entry point. ( <$10 at Walmart or Big Lots; more
at bait stores). By far the best idea I have discovered for saving time,
strength and fish while in the field. Got the basic idea from Konrad
Schmidt's video on collecting.

- heavy duty, food grade plastic buckets, preferably with lids. I never have
enough of these. Local native fish enthusiast Bill Flowers told me he found
snap on hinged lids with air holes at local bait store that fit some white
plastic buckets; sort of like what you find on common, non-floating minnow
buckets. Get them where you find them; try delis and food distributors.

- Battery powered portable air pump; avoid the cheapest ones at Walmart.
Don't recall what the good one cost but seems like it was around $13. It is
black and has room for spare battery. It is not waterproof if submerged,
which I found out the hard way.

- Box of fish grade plastic bags. Put individual specimens in each one and
put in cooler for transporting back to aquarium.

- Go to Sam's Club book section and pick up map book broken down by county of
your state. Will show all roads and water so you can find access points.
I've seen them in several different states at Sam's Club for about $10. The
same book is available at book stores, the web and other locations for $15 to
$20. Pretty sure it is published by DeLorme which has a website.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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