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<< iam might be moving to austin adn i wanted to know if knew what kind of
do they have there if any body can tell me please tell me on the list >>
As usual, I'm about a week behind on my email. Hi, this is Jack in Austin.
I've gone forward, and read the rest of the emails about Austin/Central
Texas. What they haven't mentioned is that this area is just now ending a
3-year drought by swinging completely to the other end of the scale. We're
rapidly approaching that 40 days of rain. Many of the creeks, smaller rivers
and stock ponds went completely dry, starting last year. Barton Springs,
that was mentioned, has continued to flow in the main pool, but all of the
springs and the creek above it dried up last summer, ending my favorite
collection spot. Lake Travis, the big lake just above Austin, was 50 feet
low a month ago, now the spillways on it and all of the other 7 highland
lakes are now overflowing their spillways.

It's kind of funny. I usually get strange looks when people see me seining
or dipping. What an oddball! And now you're the second this month. Dakota
off of the "other list" is also moving to Austin soon. Look forward to the
company. Here is a snippet of a note I sent him recently:

As we've discussed, natives are probably only my third reason to be on the
water, the first being fly fishing and kayaking. I try when I can to combine
all three. As opposed to your bait chuckers and bass tournament pros, the
fly fishers are generally much more helpful to others, and the paddlers
always enjoy company. Even if you're not interested in those sports, check
out your local organizations to see what they have for you as a native
collector. They probably have websites listing local waters. You see, they
are very interested in your rivers and especially access points. And they're
willing to share their experiences. For instance, Dakota, check out the info
at or and then let me know where you
want to try out. We've already discussed in the forum the U of Texas Natural
History collection database. All of you, check out this sort of thing for
your area. I know they probably exist, because I always check out the local
scene for fishing opportunities before I ever travel. Have fun and good
fishin' or as the fly fishers say - "Tight lines".

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