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>In Aquarium club BAP programs you must bring fish in to get your points
>toward awards or recognition. In NANFA this would be impossible. Instead a
>paragraph or two like I posted on the Rosyface shiners would be a good
>substitution if a commonly bred sp. A longer article for more diff. to breed
>sp. These would not necessarily be published in AC but could be available to
>others for their information. Different categories for diff. points such as,
>caught from the wild and spawned aright now, Kept in captivity wintered and
>spawned, spawning multiple generations in captivity. Points for new
>information such as, adhesive or non-adhesive eggs, number of days to hatch
>at what temp. (this would mean you must gather eggs), etc. Aquarium clubs
>have different points for classes of difficulty in spawning.
>If anyone is interested I be willing to work on a committee to come up with a

Want to head a committee? I would encourage the writing of complete
breeding and care accounts that could be posted to the web as an
information resource. You would get your name out there as a writer and
fish breeder. You'd be amazed at the number of people who would see it.
If you can't write, you could just fill out a form with categories for all
the pertinent information. Just fill in the blanks.

Columbus Ohio USA <))><

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