RE: NANFA-- Re: Tank Raised Vs. Wild

Tue, 14 Nov 2000 08:47:08 -0600

As in any program it's only as good as the people that participate. I am a
member of the "other guys" BAP but as of yet have not had any success in
breeding native fishes. I did recieve a couple of fish to help me out and
fail to see why that is a problem, people here send fish to each other all
the time. What difference does it make if it under the guise of a BAP?
After all, you can't breed fish if you don't have any fish. The particular
fish I was interested in are not from my area and if not for the BAP I
would not have been able to obtain them. Unfortunately one died and now I
only have a sinle fish and try as I might I seriously doubt I'll have much
success getting him to breed all by himself. ;) If and when I do,
successfully breed fish, I will report back to them with details on my
trials, tribulations and successes. If you feel that you can run a better
BAP, then by all means, go for it. I know that I could use the help and
would love to have a more useful resource for breeding information.


On 13 Nov 2000, at 10:26, Bob Bock wrote:

> That's a good idea. It would really be great if you could get this off
> ground, Norm.

I wouldn't want to discourage a good and useful program, but the
BAP run by those other guys is really nothing more than a conduit
for newbies to get free fish, despite their best intentions. So if this
involves sending "starter cultures" to would-be breeders then be
prepared to never hear from them again.



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