RE: NANFA-- Re: Tank Raised Vs. Wild

Fri, 17 Nov 2000 09:46:59 -0600

Agreed. In my particular case the fish where available specifically for
someone that was willing to try beeding them and they were fish I normally
don't have access to, so it almost worked out. It actually started as 4
fish, but before they could be shipped the larger of the four ate the
smallest two, Pickerels have no respsect. Hopefully I will still be able
to obtain more and continue to work on the breeding process. If anyone has
access to Red-Fin Pickerel or can supply me with breeding info, please
contact me. I promise to report any successes to both the NFC and NANFA.

I agree that it should not be the responsibility of a BAP to provide fish
but feel that there is nothing wrong with them aiding people to obtain fish
or occasionally making fish available for the purpose of breeding. Not
everyone can collect or has access to local fish that they find interesting
enough to want to breed them.


On 14 Nov 2000, at 8:47, Ty_Hall_at_eFunds.Com wrote:

Ty, the problem as I understood it was that a lot of people joined
the BAP (and the NFC for that matter) just to get the free fish. No
denigration intended towards either the NFC (which had the best of
intentions) or those who were serious breeders. But I personally
feel that those who wish to start breeding natives should capture
their own local (and available) species to be certain they are up to
the task before trying imports. F'rinstance, two fish is a VERY
small pool to breed from. Especially if one dies :-)

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