The 2002 NANFA Convention will be held at:
Best Western Executive Plaza
2900 Jackson Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 665-4444

The registration fee is $70. After July 6 the cost will increase to $80.
Send your registration fee to:
1107 Argonne Dr.
Baltimore, MD  21218

Rooms reserved for the convention are $79 per night. Each room has two double beds, and includes continental breakfast. These rooms will be held for us until June 28. Ann Arbor has a lot of conventions so don’t let this date pass without reserving your room. When reserving a room, tell them you’re with the NANFA convention.


Convention Schedule

        Thursday, August 1

Arrive and meet old friends in the meeting room. At 9:00 PM Doug Sweet, Curator of Fishes at the Belle Isle Aquarium, will give a program on the fresh water mussels of southeast Michigan and the impact of zebra mussels. 

        Friday, August 2

8:00 AM: Gather in the meeting room – have breakfast before you come.

8:30 AM: Speaker Program begins.


Dr. Gerald Smith - Where did northern fishes come from and how did they get here? Jerry studies suckers, salmonids, sculpins, minnows and their fossils in North America. He is currently director of the Museum of Zoology of the University of Michigan

Kevin Wehry – Temperature Ecology of Michigan Fishes. Kevin works on native fishes for the Institute of Fisheries Research of the Michigan Department of Conservation.

Thomas Todd"The Tragic History of Great Lakes Ciscoes." Tom works on Great Lakes coregonids, walleyes, perch and other fishes at the Great Lakes Science Center in Ann Arbor

Joan Martin – "Generating Citizen Participation in River Protection." Joan is Co-Director of the Adopt-a-Stream Program of the Huron River Watershed Council.

James Langhammer – Goodeidae of the Mexican Highlands. Jim is the past Curator of Fishes at the Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit and a member of the American Livebearer Association. The Goodeidae are a unique family of highly endangered American livebearers.

Bob Muller – Captive propagation of native fishes. 
Bob has been very successful at breeding and rearing, minnows, darters and killifish for several years. He will talk about his methods.

Nancy Washburn – Nancy is the author of Snorkeling Guide to Michigan Inland Lakes (  Nancy will show some of her snorkeling videos

Jay Hemdal – The Curator of Fishes at the Toledo Zoo will present an overview of the Toledo Zoo's native aquatic exhibits and research efforts. These include a Lake Erie Sturgeon exhibit, pirate perch breeding project, zebra mussel work, round goby breeding and a new stream quality kiosk exhibit. Comprising 310 species and over 3200 individual animals, the Toledo Zoo Aquarium is one of the largest zoo-aquariums in the country. With past conservation efforts primarily focused on endangered Lake Victorian Cichlids and animal husbandry research, the Toledo Zoo Aquarium has gradually increased its activities with local aquatic species during the past five years.


Lunch will be served during the speakers program. Dinner will be on your own.

8:00 PM: Tour of University of Michigan’s Museum of Zoology and a behind-the-scenes tour of the preserved fishes collection. Emily Damstra will give a talk on scientific illustration emphasizing fish. Emily is a freelance scientific illustrator who has been working with Gerald Smith on the re-write of Fishes of the Great Lakes Region. The greenside darter used as our logo is one of her illustrations. (You can see more of Emily’s work at

Feel free to hang out in the meeting room back at the hotel for as long as you like.

Saturday, August 3

8:00 AM: Gather for the field trips.   Michigan daily fishing license $7:00.

8:30 AM: Collecting and snorkeling in the Huron River at Hudson Mills Metro Park  

12:00 noon: Collecting and snorkeling in Patterson Lake. Lunch may be purchased from Boy Scout Troop 1627. Hotdogs (turkey), hamburgers and pop will be available. Collecting in a lake can be dangerous; we strongly recommend you bring a lifejacket. Patterson Lake can drop off from waist deep to 20 feet deep in one step. We will have Scouts in canoes with us to hold collecting buckets etc.

Hudson Mills Metro Park

6:00 PM: Banquet in the hotel meeting room. After-dinner speaker William Fink will be presenting a non-native talk. (Candirus are real – don’t go near the water!)  Bill works on South American fishes and is Curator of Fishes in the Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan.

Next will be the raffle and auction. cedar977.jpg (13333 bytes)
This year we want to add live fish to the auction, so bring fish from home. To make sure we don’t have problems with Michigan laws please bring only fish not native to this state. If in doubt, check for a list of Michigan fishes, or e-mail or call Bob Muller. We already have flagfin shiners, Fundulus notti, F. olivaceus, banded pygmy sunfish and most likely several species of Goodeidae.  


Sunday, August 4

8:00 AM: Gather for field trip to Lake Erie. Weather (and appropriate number of participants) permitting, we will be using a seine over 50 feet in length. This will take many people to handle.

seining in Lake Erie


Do you want another quality convention t-shirt?

Well, just look at the incredible greenside darter artwork to the right and below that Emily Damstra created for the shirts! 

The shirts are off-white, with the color rendering of the greenside darter above on the front left pocket area, and the face of the darter at right on the back.  The cost is $16.00 if you pick it up at the convention and $20.00 if mailed to your home. Sizes available in S,M,L,XL; for XXL or XXXL add $1.50. 

Orders will be accepted through July 14, 2002.


We'll see you in Ann Arbor!

NANFA 2002 is being hosted by the Michigan NANFA chapter. The convention committee consists of Leo Long, Bob Muller, Dr. Gerald Smith, Heather Muller, Carol Long and Emily Damstra. We hope to see you in August.  Here are a few websites to introduce you to the Ann Arbor area:

City of Ann Arbor's Official Web Site

Ann Arbor Convention and Visitor's Bureau

Ann Arbor area map

Directions to Best Western Executive Plaza

Last updated July 1, 2002