Re: NANFA-- Okefenokee trip pictorial
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 16:47:01 EDT

i was hiking in n carolina once and came across what i thought was a black
snake. it was motionless but headed up the bank alongside the trail. i
reached down to grab the tip of his tail between my finger tips... wow...
that snake whiled arround quicker than i could think and was ready to bite
ive come across black snakes ( or racers?... how do you tell the diff? )
while hiking all over the se. they will stand their ground if you mess with
them but usually they take off like a black streak of lightning.
my dad always told me if they bite you they would make you sick, infection
wise, due to their salva cause of the things they eat. anyone got a comment
on that?
btw bruce... next time you come on a trip wear your boy scout uniform. we
might be able to work up a fishin merit badge for your sash.
i just heard the other day they have a snorkling merit badge. how old can a
ex boy scout be and still qualify for another badge? :)
my son and i have put our name on the backup list for a 1 week bsa summer
camp on a island in the florida keys... hot dang and sunburn here i hope to
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