Re: NANFA-- Want Alligator Gar?

Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:22:34 -0600

I have seen a fish called the Asian Gar in the LFS. Is this not a true Gar?
The ones I've seen where very Gar-ish (no pun intended) in their
appearance. I have a Half-Beak in my tropical community tank and while he
is similar to a Gar they are quite different. I don't think these where
Half-Beaks. Next time I see them I'll get a species name for them.


I think he means the larger relatives of halfbeak and the one probably
related to
flying fish [I am not sure but it has both equally long upper and lower jaw
the halfbeak relative]. I am not 100% sure but they have thinner bodies
smaller scales than real gars and are generally much smaller.

Tony wrote:

> In a message dated 12/14/00 9:39:34 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> Ty_Hall_at_eFunds.Com writes:
> << Are there
> Asian Gar's that stay smaller? >>
> The only Asian gars are fossils! Living gars are all from North and
> America.
> J.R. <_at_}}}}}}}><

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