NANFA-- orangefin madtom status

Christopher Scharpf (
Fri, 05 Nov 1999 14:07:23 -0400

Dave Neely said:

>The orangefin madtom is under consideration for, if not already given
>Federally Threatened status.

I just checked the USFWS endangered fishes list at and the orangefin madtom is not

I also checked the recently (10/25/99) published list of candidate fishes, and
the orangefin madtom is not listed there.

BTW, here's a list of the fishes USFWS is considering adding to the endangered
species list:

Catostomus cantaanae.....Santa Ana sucker
Cyprinodon pecosensis.....Pecos pupfish
Etheostoma cragini.....Arkansas darter
Etheostoma nigrum susanae.....Cumberland johnny darter
Gila bicolor vaccaceps.....Cowhead Lake tui chub
Gile intermedia.....Gila chub
Macrhybopsis gelida.....sturgeon chub
Macrhybopsis meeki.....sicklefin chub
Oncorhynchus clarki clarki.....SW Washington/Columbia R. population of coastal
cutthroat trout
Percina aurora.....pearl darter
Salmo salar.....Atlantic salmon (Maine populations)
Scaphirhynchus suttkusi....Alabama sturgeon
Thymallus arcticus....Arctic grayling (Upper Missouri R. fluvial population)


On 10/20/99 the Devils River minnow (Dionda diaboli) was listed as threatened.

On 11/1/99 all populations of the bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) were
listed as threatened.

Chris Scharpf

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