Re: NANFA-- orangefin madtom status

R.W.Wolff (
Fri, 5 Nov 1999 13:37:00 -0600

This is a breathe of fresh air.

I just read of another problem. In the North American Fishing Clubs
magazine there is an article about the USFWS misuse of funds and changing
direction. The author of the article is saying that shifting money from
sport fishing to saving native fish poputlations goes against sport
fishing. I'm not sure if that is true. I would hope that native fish
enthuisests would be in alliance with sport fisherman. I would hope that
we are not being divided. It also claims an employee was "roughed up" and
terminated because they would not contribute to animals rights groups.
which animal rights group it did not say, but if it is a PETA type, why is
my license money going to groups that want to stop fishing ( this would
include collecting)?
> I just checked the USFWS endangered fishes list at
> and the orangefin madtom
is not
> listed.
> I also checked the recently (10/25/99) published list of candidate
fishes, and
> the orangefin madtom is not listed there.

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