Re: NANFA-- Chris's Population Problem

D. Martin Moore (
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 12:44:44 -0600

> I'm not sure what you are saying in your post. Are you saying that only
> married people have children?

<snip, etc. etc.>

Getting off topic here, but I often wonder if certain "alternative
lifestyles" aren't a response to population pressure. Of course, that
would change the accepted ideas of how natural selection is
supposed to work...

But I have no doubt that at some point the US "govamint" will
exercise forced population control. After all, we have people in
congress who publicly admit that they want to rewrite the
constitution in order to remove certain rights they feel shouldn't be
in there, and now, thanks in part to the school killings, we have
"thought crime" as well. The trend is very disturbing, not to
mention the fact that most people seem to think these are pretty
good ideas :-(



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