NANFA funds "Freshwater Fishes of North America"

NANFA expands the Reseach Grant Program for this unique opportunity

During the 2012 NANFA Research Grant application process, each member of the Grant Review Committee found one particular proposal to be evaluated separately from the other proposals. The proposal was made by two very prolific authors in North American fish work, Brooks Burr and Melvin Warren, who are editing a three volume book set entitled “Freshwater Fishes of North America”

The Research Grant Review Committee recommended funding the proposal separate from our normal Research Grant program.  The NANFA Board of Directors accepted funding the proposal, and have committed $2,000 each year for three years ($6,000 total contribution from NANFA) to help offset the cost of publishing by Johns Hopkins University Press ($20,000 per volume).  Volumes will be donated to NANFA, and the NANFA logo will be featured prominently in the acknowledgements of each volume.

Alabama Hogsucker,
Hypentelium etowanum

Joe Tomelleri

From the proposal by Brooks Burr and Melvin Warren

“The book will be the first-ever, fully-illustrated work synthesizing practically all that is known about the diversity, natural history, ecology, and biology of 52 families of North American freshwater fishes (including 12 marine families with species persistently in fresh waters). The book covers all of Canada, the coterminous United States, and Mexico (south to about the Isthmus of Tehuantepec). No current book synthesizes information on every North American freshwater fish family and genus, and no one book has ever been published that covers distribution, biology, and ecology of every family on the continent. In sum, no other books exist or have ever existed that compare to this one.”

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