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"I highly recommend joining NANFA if you are not already a member. To my mind, NANFA represents the best case scenario of hobbyists and scientists working together. They also publish, what is to my mind, the most well done club/organization magazine in print."
        Shane Linder, Planet Catfish

"AC is a regular, reliable, well-written source of useful and interesting information on a great variety of fish topics. You don't need to keep aquaria to appreciate and benefit from its contents."
        Gene Helfman, co-author, The Diversity of Fishes

"I eagerly await the arrival of my next issue of American Currents. . . . From behavioral and husbandry to distributional and systematic studies, both the amateur and professional fish enthusiast can find it all. The articles are well written, informative, and often quite entertaining. It is a great resource for publishing information not often found or accepted in more technical journals."
        Neil H. Douglas, author, Freshwater Fishes of Louisiana

"American Currents is a must-read for anyone who is interested in native fishes. The articles are well written, accurate, and highly informative. I always look forward to my next issue."
        Henry W. Robison, co-author, Fishes of Arkansas and Fishes of Oklahoma

"American Currents provides a readily accessible venue for important information on native fishes that otherwise would go unpublished. The journal is available to scientists and non-scientists who have bits of information that are not suitable for peer-reviewed journals but that are relevant to our understanding of species ecology and behavior and, ultimately, to the conservation of our natural heritage."
        Lawrence M. Page, co-author,
        Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North America

"American Currents provides a wealth of information on North American native fishes written by a wide variety of contributors, from hobbyists to some of the best-known ichthyologists in the business. It's this cross section of authors that makes this publication so valuable! Insight from knowledgeable hobbyists has certainly helped CFI in its work with imperiled fishes."
        J.R. Shute, Co-Director,
        Conservation Fisheries, Inc.

American Currents Articles

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The Flagfin Shiner
        Dick Stober
Some Ontario Cyprinids
        Mark Klym
Spawning Rocks for Cyprinids
        Ray Katula
The Most Endangered Fish in Nevada: The White River Spinedace
        Larry Newman
The Longnosed Dace in Wisconsin and Wyoming Waters
        Dr. F.A. Copes
Pteronotropis welaka
        A. Terceira
The Sailfin Shiner
        Dick Stober
The Bluenose Shiner, the Jewel of the Southeast
        B.G. Granier
Bleeding and Duskystripe Shiners (Notropis zonatus and N. pilsbryi)
        David L. Hall
Spawning Spotfins
        Michael J. Lucas
Nest-Building Minnows
        Carol E. Johnson
Spawning of Southern and Northern Redbelly Dace Compared
        James G. Sternburg
Golden Shiners Utilizing Bowfin Nest as Spawning Site
        Ray Katula
Fishes Of The Lower Susquehanna And Northern Chesapeake Tributaries, Part IV (Minnows)
        William Estes and Bruce Gebhardt
Spawning Behavior of the Central Stoneroller
        Jon Wojtowicz (scanned pages)
Farmers vs. Fish: The Battle of the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow
        Christopher Scharpf (pdf)


The Swamp Darter
        Robert E. Schmidt
The Iowa Darter
        Frederick A. Copes
The Fantail Darter: An Ideal Resident for the Riffle Tank
        Cliff Zoller
Darters: Aquarium Designs and Care Guidelines
        Ray Katula
The Tesselated Darter
        Robert E. Schmidt
Notes on Spawning of the Johnny Darter
        Ray Katula


Fundulus notatus and F. olivaceous: Two American Topminnows
        Michael Patterson
Keeping the Broadstripe Topminnow
        B.G. Granier
Behavior of Fundulus chrysotus and Fundulus olivaceus in a Captive Environment
        Rodney W. Harper
Bluefin Killy
        Dale Weber
The Diamond Killifish (Adinia xenica)
        Bob McDonnell
Fundulus diaphanus diaphanus
        Vernon B. Hunt
The Leon Springs Pupfish...A Resurrection Story
        Braz Walker
Observations on the Courtship and Reproduction of the Desert Pupfish (Cyprinodon macularis)
        Tom Baugh
Fishes of The Lower Susquehanna and Northern Chesapeake Tributaries, Part X-- The Killifish
        William M. Estes and Bruce Gebhardt
Breeding Fundulus heteroclitus
        Hal Fairfield
Striking Gold: The Eastern Starhead Topminnow, Fundulus escambiae
        Jeff Fullerton
Fundulus cingulatus
        Bob McDonnell


The Lost Treasure of the Aztecs
        James K. Langhammer
Color Variations in Wild Mollies
        Linn Blanchard (scanned pages)
Wild Sailfin Mollies, Part II
        Linn Blanchard (scanned pages)


Spawning and Raising the Bantam Sunfish, Lepomis symmetricus
        James E. Wetzel
Indoor Spawning and Raising of Warmouth, Lepomis gulosus
        Luke P. Hirsch & James E Wetzel
Successfully Spawning and Raising the Banded Sunfish
        Peter R. Rollo
Spawning the Pumpkinseed Sunfish
        Joanne Bockstael
Spawning the Blackbanded Sunfish
        James G. Sternburg
An Introduction to Enneacanthus obesus, the Banded Sunfish
        Lee Finley
Successfully Spawning and Raising the Green Sunfish
        Peter R. Rollo
Meet the Bluespotted Sunfish
        Robert T. Rosen
The Sacramento Perch- California's Only Native Centrarchid
        Will Sears


Fishes of the Lower Susquehanna (and Northern Chesapeake Tributaries), Part IX-- The Catfishes
        William M. Estes

      MISC FAMILIES      

Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus in the Aquaria and the Wild
        James C. Cokendolpher
The Lyre Goby, Evorthodus lyricus
        Robert J. Goldstein
The Northwestern Percopsis, the Sand Roller
        Ray Katula
Reproductive Behavior, Embryology, and Larval Development of Four Species of Pygmy Sunfish
        Maurice F. Mettee and Christopher Scharpf
Bowfin Basics
        R.W. Wolff
Observations on Aquarium Maintenance of the Skilletfish, Gobiesox strumosus
        C.A.E. Bergesen
Spawning the Pirate Perch, One More Time
        Ray Katula
Spawning the Eastern Mudminnow (Umbra pygmaea)
        John Eccleston
Spawning of the Reticulate Sculpin
        Ray Katula
The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly Sculpins
        Ray Katula
The Mottled Sculpin (Cottus bairdi)
        Luther Brown
The Grass Pickerel
        Jim Pitts (scanned pages)
Collecting and Spawning the Least Brook Lamprey, Lampetra aepyptera
        John Brill (scanned pages)
Politics, Science and the Fate of the Alabama Sturgeon
        Chris Scharpf (Adobe PDF)

      AQUARIUM CARE      

Setting Up a Riffle Tank
        Cliff Zoller

      FIELD TRIPS      

Swamping Through Georgia and Florida
        Ross Brock
Setting Up a Native Fish and Plant Collecting Trip
        Robert J. Goldstein
Return to Keck's Creek, Arkansas
        Paul Ribitzki
Collecting the Marine Invertebrates of Oregon's Rocky Intertidal Areas
        Joe Middleton
Beneath the Waters of Balmorhea State Park
        Garold W. Sneegas
Desert Trip
        Michael Florez
Fish-Watching at Hunter's Spring
        David Arbour
The Adventures Of Three Fish-Collectors in Northwest Florida and South Alabama
        Bill Ballard
Craig Creek, Virginia
        Brian K. Wagner
Collecting French Creek in Northwestern Pennsylvania
        William Estes
Mud Creek in Upstate New York
        Michael Lucas (scanned pages)
Fish-Watching in the Little Tennessee River
        Bill McLarney (scanned pages)
Walking in 100-Year-Old Footsteps in Southern Oregon
        Jay DeLong (Adobe PDF)


Introduction to Native Fishes and NANFA
        Gerald C. Corcoran
Relationships Between Aquatic Plants and Reproduction of Fishes
        Jim Pitts
Lake Lily, Cape May County, New Jersey
        Joe Yanik
Eulogy for the San Joaquin River
        Ray Katula
Those Creepy Crawlers Can Be Fun
        Ken Goldsmith
Distribution of Fishes
        John Bondhus
Underwater Photography in Kansas
        Garold Sneegas
Endangered Species Reintroductions - The Need for Good Science
        Jay DeLong
What to do About Introduced Species
        Bob Bock

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