The NANFA John Bondhus Grant

NANFA Awards $2000 For Organizations Each Year

Since 2015 NANFA has established the NANFA John Bondus Grant. The grant is designed to support organizations that are working to conserve native fish populations, habitats, and knowldege. This grant is intended to support current projects or ongoing efforts.

NANFA members in good standing will have the opportunity to nominate an organization to recieve the grant. The grant committee with review the nominations and make a recommendation to the BOD on how to award the funds.

The grant committee will take nominations from NANFA members (click here for on-line form) from January 1st until February 28th of the award year and make a decision by March 31st on how to award the grant. In return, NANFA requests public acknowledgement of the grant (web-banner, t-shirt logo, etc.) and details on how the funds will be used for use in an article in American Currents.

John Bondhus, 1997

Questions about the award may be addressed to

Josh Blaylock
Board Member and Kentucky Regional Representative

Previous NANFA John Bondhus Grant Recipients

NANFA inititated the John Bondhus Grant for the first time in 2015 and awarded it to Conservation Fisheries, Inc.

Conservation Fisheries very much appreciates the money we were awarded from NANFA this past year. This money will be used to help fund our efforts to get more kids in the creek. We have received money to purchase some kid-sized wetsuits, some mask and snorkel gear and changing tents. The NANFA money will be paired with other money received to help get this program off the ground. We were able to get in one trip this year with kids in Little River (Blount Co., TN). They had a great time exploring and learning a bit about what lives under the water in their “back yard”. Next season, we plan to offer several outings, probably in Little River again, involving even more kids. Thank you NANFA for the seed money to help us get this program up and running!

J. R. Shute
Conservation Fisheries, Inc.
Knoxville, Tennessee

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