Fish in Focus:   Rosyface shiner, Notropis rubellus

Rosyface shinerr, Notropis rubellus
Garold W. Sneegas and Aquatic Kansas Images

Nikonos II, 35 mm and Hydro Photo T3 close-up lens, f/16, 1/60, Ikelite Ai and Ms substrobes, Fujichrome Velvia.

The rosyface shiner is found in the Great Lakes states, southern Great Lakes Provinces, and south to northern Alabama, southern Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. The fish inhabits clear pools and riffles of large creeks to small rivers with moderate curent over gravel or rock.  The head, front half of body, and fin bases of breeding males are orange to bright rosy red.

We in NANFA are concerned about the effects of habitat degradation on this and many other native fish species.  The rosyface shiner has become less abundant in streams which have become silty and turbid.  Land-use practices which include measures to prevent erosion and run-off are necessary if this species is to survive in its native waters. 

This photo of a spawning aggregation was taken in Verdigris River, Chase County, KS, on 5/12/94 at 2:00 p.m. Water temperature was 64*F.